PR : Payroll 

Fully support and meet the convenience requirement. And applicable for all type of enterprises. 

  • Define the organization chart as Department, Section, Position, Man Power
  • Recording basic employees biography 
  • Criteria for salary calculation
  • Calculation for employee‘s salary
  • Print and send the taxation form / Social Security form
  • Print employees payslip
  • Report for accounting / Banking / others
  • Prepare Disk to Bank / Social Security Funds

Payroll Package program based on Window that complete and accuracy by using the best and updating technology to the most responding for user requirement. All would be used for all type of business and also cover for comprehensive payroll 

  • Based on Client/Server
  • Based on PC which Operating System up to Windows 7 or higher 
  • LAN network support Windows Server 2008R2 or higher
  • Open System connect to various Data Base such as MSSQL, Firebird 3.0, etc.
  • Based on Net Framework Version 4.5 or higher
  • Activate on CRRuntime_v.13.0.2.x or upper (SAP Crystal Reports runtime for .Net 4.0)
  • Easy to install for unlimited times
  • Easy to use menu and report are available in Thai and other languages 
  • Easy to use while working, there have Help menu for searching on every screen
  • When found any problem while working can send a screen together with any questions to our service center via the email immediately 
  • Help working is very fast 
  • Support unlimited data with 100% accuracy
  • Support Windows feature complete functionality such as user manual (Electronic Manual), calculator, calendar, Online help
  • Searching, resorting, selecting, copying, deleting data while working, switching between Thai and other languages and also request data in various perspective 
  • Employee searching would be searched by employee ID, employee name, ID card number and tax ID number etc.
  • Customize menu to suit to your own personal use
  • Strong and accuracy for the backup system 
  • Support copying and backup data system back to use automatically to ensure for data security protection for users 
  • Data security protection system can set the right for accessing data. There can separate rights categories as Reading, Adding, Editing, Deleting, and being able to operate separately. For example, a level of employee may have only rights to additional information but cannot edit or delete information 
  • Capable to edit password of each user by yourself  
  • Record access information (Log File) for each user 
  • Various Report can be displayed on screen or print out as a normal printer
  • Capable to Import income, expense from Excel, Text File
  • Capable to Import and Export to sync and send to Fax, E-Mail, Internet, or Export to other programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word etc.
  • Able to link employee card swipe information from the Business plus Time Attendance program or other brands of Time Attendance program 

Qualification of Salary and Wage system

  • Define organization chart format that would be divided into department and sub division unlimited with KPIs which can defined and set objective by up to 6 indicators and also can 
    compare target value with the actual result for analysis
  • Set up rate of deduction and tax table by yourself and would edit the revenue code in term of the law has been any changed
  • Modify social security rate and the minimum maximum wage rate according to the announcement of the Ministry of Labor.
  • Social security deduction that can choose whether the employees paid or company contribution
  • Able to take Social security fund and provident fund before becoming employees which can be included tax deduction accordingly when using the program 
  • Able to limit the amount accumulated into a provident fund or a provident fund company has set the deduction rate to the provident fund as a fixed amount or can vary according to the service period
  • Specify various methods of rounding for salary, social security, provident funds and tax deduction
  • Specify salary payment period such as once a month, twice a month, every week or every 10 Days
  • Set monthly payment period. For example, the period begins on 25th day and end of 24th day of the following month and also pay on 30th etc
  • Specify special payment period, there can be paid not the same period with salary such as over time, commission, service charge and bonus etc.
  • Specify of various types of tax calculation such as withholding tax, company with one time issue, company issue all the period of time, total 1%, total 2%, total 3%, total 5%, total 10% and total 15
  • Unlimited additional/deductions money such as overtime fees, bonuses, allowances, living expenses, Shift fees, service fees, various types of leave, etc. and can specify messages that would like to be displayed in the income tax form
  • Set up the pervious conditions that related to tax calculation, social security and provident funds
  • Determine the method of estimating the tax of surcharge for tax deductions as a pattern of annually or irregular pattern and from time to time as specified by the Revenue Department 
  • Additional /deduction of the company can define formulas or can create complex condition For example, employee who come late for 2 times, deduct as a half day absence, employees who receive a full diligence for 12 months will be get a special reward  
  • The average of additional / deduction can be selected in various methods such as will be received when employed or average as a actual working day in case of new employee entering during the period, there will receive as a actual working day. 

Qualification for employee profile

  • Record profile with employee photo which can be printed as employee ID Card
  • Employee no. and employee card can create the next number automatically
  • Support employee based on monthly, daily, hourly or contract or individual job that calculate all types of tax payment  and wage calculation for job cost.
  • The program can facilitate convenience, reduce process for the regular deduction such as position fees, fuel cost by record only first time, then the program will automatic in every period  
  • Record history of guarantee person including the status of employees such as still employ or resign or leave as easy to verify
  • Specify the program automatically guarantee deduct loan payment and stop deduction when fully payment and can be recorded deduction data before beginning to use the program then the program will continue to deduct until complete 
  • Able to keep resignation history. If any employees come back to work again can use the existing data continuously
  • Able to use other provident funds such as government pension fund, welfare benefit fund, investment in retirement  fund, legal labor compensation that can be tax deductable  

Qualification for employee profile

  • Available to record addition/deduction wage payment for each period with several methods such as.
  • Available to record either additional or deduction wage payment to each worker,  or record on both additional and deduction  to several workers by the same time.
  • Available to record additional/deduction on account of each sections or each branch.
  • Available to collect any funds for previous year, before program start or before joining the company.
  • Identify the starting date of joining provident fund e.g. calculate when become permanent staff.
  • Available to arrange salary adjustment and new wage will be automatically recorded or set up the formula e.g. 10% increasing for the whole section.
  • Available to arrange the resignation / leave / return to work after maternity leave or ordained leave.
  • Available to transfer data from Text File or Excel such as all data from Excel work book can be automatically trans ferred to the program.  
  • The reason for resignation can be re-corded and declared for ending the social security insure according to สปส 6-09.
  • Available to record and calculate accrued  money for resignation workers on next payment e.g. overtime, commission etc.
  • Available to manage and calculate the  salary, tax, social security fund, provident  fund, loan, guarantee money, according to tax law quickly and accurately that can reduce the yearend additional or refund tax. 
  • The calculation result can be checked, in case incorrect recalculation can be done and also available for repeat calculation with no limit.
  • The details of tax calculation can be shown to each employee.
  • To arrange the social security disk, and organize the disk as per branch offices.
  • Available to arrange the transferring of salary payment through several bank accounts or internet transfer. Arrange  the payroll disk through bank account  and report, and also arrange the disk as per branch office. Available to arrange for different transfer date such as daily rate employee on 25 th and  permanent employee on 30 th etc.

Basic qualification of report.

  • The report printing can be selected by  branch / section / workers as identify  ing period.
  • Available of data analysis report  presented to executive and basic  report to the personnel department.
  • Available to filter the data with selected  condition to print as various type of report. 
  • The standard tool (Report Editing) to  edit some type of report e.g. summary  of total labor cost, payroll account, payslip, comparison data, and classify or change the report to English as require.
  • The Crystal Report program is available  to arrange various type of report other  than standard format.
  • Every report can be exported as selected e.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word  and HTML etc.

Report Example

  • Report of money transfer through bank  account, petty cash report and note exchange, salary receipt, pay slip form   and no multiple forms.
  • Arrange the reports and forms  submitting to Revenue Department e.g.  P.N.D.1, P.N.D.1ก, P.N.D. 91, 50 bis etc.
  • Arrange the reports and forms submit  to Social Security Office such as 
    • List of social security contributions สปส 1-10 (part 1), สปส 1-10 (part 2)
    • Registration form for new social security insurers (สปส. 1-03/1)
    • Form of insurer registration (สปส 1-03)            
    • List of insurers as (สปส 6-07)
  • Form of acceptant for insurer to start the job (สปส 6-08)
  • Form to inform the end of insurance (สปส 6-09)                           
  • The report submitting to Department of  Labor Protection and Welfare for verifying.    
  • The report submitting to Department of Skill Development.
  • Form to identify the yearly wage and contribution to Compensation Fund (กท 20ก), Form of wage calculation for report attachment (กท 20ก). 
  • Various type of report using in company such as. The wage and salary list, summary of periodic wage payment,  report of new recruitment / resignation, report for outstanding debt etc.  
  • Forms of any certifying letters e.g. certificate of employment, salary certificate.
  • Various type of comparison reports and graph are provided and selectable by user e.g. comparison report for late to work / absent, list of late to work, leave or overtime work etc. 
  • Report for workers appraisal and analysis e.g. service years and day leave,  comparison report c/w graph, annual  report numbers of workers resignation and recruitment with comparison table in percent
  • Report of service year, work day and day leave, report of year end appraisal. Available to verify as require period, the data can be collected to appraise for salary adjustment or bonus.
  • Etc.

PS : Personnel System 

Fully success for enhance for personal management such asemployee‘s qualification / working experience / Special talent / personal profile etc.

  • Record employee ‘s qualification privacy
  • Record education background /working experience /Performance/any punishment 
  • Collecting employees documentation
  • Record for employees rotation and salary updating
  • Record Information for Dependent / Foreigner

Business Plus Personnel System is designed for more convenience to collect personal data. The system is available to collect personal data both before recruitment e.g. work experience, education background, expertise, special skill, I.D. card photo copy, driving license, house location map, and other photo copy and personal data after joining e.g. highlight performance, salary adjustment record, training and expense records etc. include auditing report. 

  • Available to record various type of filing e.g. employee personal files with photograph, spouse  information, parents, guarantee person, foreigner, contact person on emergency etc.
  • Automatically Record the salary adjustment, promotion and section rotation or branch rotation.
  • Record the extra training history, identify training period, name of training course, name of institute, including each expense without limit. The process of recording is very convenience and simple to use e.g. available to parallel records for several trainee by each course.
  • Record highlight performance including award and  penalty, including the compliment letters, the warning letter and disciplinary action without limit.
  • Record the special expertise including assessment e.g. language skill, computer skill, the evaluation  is classified in level very good, good, fair etc. The special expertise can be arranged to serve to the   right function and business.
  • The personal education background can be collected completely without limit, the personal education level can be compared with selected standard and record conveniently such as.
    • Education level and institutions.
    • Special expertise e.g. computer.
  • Available to add head line and detail data of each persons to record without limit e.g. car license plate, past record of severe sickness, allergic medication etc.
  • The personal documents can be recorded individually by electronic  filing for minimizing space and convenience to find out e.g. house location  map, house registration document, driving license, I.D. card, etc.
  • Complete report for routine work and analyzing the comparison  of various assessment and also summarize extra training expense.

Report Example

  • Informing letter for salary adjustment.
  • The printing of report can be selected as per subjects, individual person, periods, or filter only request data.
  • Summary of employee personal data and education back ground.
  • Summary of employee personal data / salary adjustment.
  • Summary of education levels and graph presentation compare by  sections. 

TM : Time Attendance 

Read employees data from the card reader or finger scan support for all brand. Manage & Control time in and out automatic for all conditions such as late/ Leave early/ OT and calculate & transfer data to the payroll system to as late/ Leave early/ OT and calculate & transfer data to the payroll system to reduce working process for HR. 

  • Extract employees data from EDC or Finger Scan
  • Define working schedule and time plan
  • Define shift schedule
  • Summary OT hour /Work late / Leave early /Leave/ Forgotten to scan
  • Calculate the result
  • Transfer to the Payroll System

System is designed to help personnel department for efficient checking on time attendance and service hours. To saves the time for calculating absent data, leave, late to work, and various type of overtime. Process is only transferred  information from time 
cards or from time attendance machine, the program will calculate and summarize for amount of service days, amount of late, amount of leave early, or amount of overtimes including addition or deduction amount can be assigned according to the company regulation that will saves the time compare with other process by mean of individual person calculation. The program is applicable to every company even use the time card stamping machine, the swiping time card machine or finger scanning machine without limit of models and makers.


  • program is designed with high flexibility to cover wide range of shift working from simple shift to a complicate shift, but simple to operate and user friendly.
  • Available user to arrange shift working schedule by themselves without limit.
  • Available to arrange the complicating shift working including adjustment and editing in accordance with user requirement.
  • The system available to arrange shift working either fix schedule shift e.g. office work or rotating shift e.g. hospital, factory works.
  • The fix working schedule can be recorded to historical file immediately in order to reduce the operating step of attendance processing system.  
  • In case working schedule is arranged as fix schedule on weekly basis or rotating from morning shift to afternoon shift on every haft month or weekly. The program is also designed to serve flexibility function hereabove. 
  • The rotating shift can be integrated in the working schedule (available to assign  duration for temporary rotation) by simple procedure that easy to understand. 
  • The shift working can be arranged as ordinary shift, across the day shift, 24 hours shift. 
  • Available to arrange scheduling double shift working, change of shift, overtime work  double shift, rotate the shift. The break time can be deducted from working hours or overtimes.
  • Available to record starting time for shift working, define the starting time for every steps of overtime rate, counting the starting late to work, counting the starting leave before work. 
  • Define penalty regulation to the one who do not swipe attendant card in or out / both in and out. Some section is allowed to have the right to execute and not to apply this regulation.
  • Available to specify various type of wage or benefit, e.g. 1 time, 2 times, haft time, one and a haft time, or without pay etc.
  • The shift working without standard rate e.g. shift on holiday, overtime shift working,  the procedure or time duration can be defined by user and program will calculate  the benefit and overtime rate accordingly.
  • Create the relation between condition and benefit, e.g. the food incentive or shift  premium will relate to the completion of attendance as condition define by company,  e.g. start office hour at 8.00 hrs. incase swipe the card after 8.15 hrs. will define as  late to work if swipe the card between 8.01 – 8.15 hrs. only record is kept.
  • The regulation concerning shift working can be assigned by user without limit, and can   relate to wage calculation or only record as statistic e.g. 1 time OT, 1.5 time OT, 2 time  OT, 3 time OT, shift premium, food incentive, deduct of late to work, deduct of absentee, deduct of personal leave, sick leave etc.
  • Define the procedure to round up the minute on time calculation. 
  • The company annual holiday can be defined by user. The program will also provide  the standard public holiday. 
  • The weekly holiday can be defined by user, the holiday for each worker can be the  same day or different.

General Qualification

  • In case of an employees working in unstable shifts, there would be able to announce shift for each period in simple and easily method. 
  • The worker who do not swipe the  attendance card can record and  explain the reason by themselves.
  • The payment for OT wage will be corr- sponded to the fact or defined by user for prevention in case that worker swipe  the card out on OT period but not working.
  • The Program can calculate OT  payment either with or without approval.     
  • Record the OT approval and record the submit-ting of leave letter in advance or after leave.
  • Available to check the list of workers that   attendant card remained not calculate. 
  • The time interval or worker level can be defined  in data processing for reporting the service day, late, leave early, absent, OT working hours.
  • Available to print the employee ID cards including bar code without entering new data.

Qualify to connected with the card swiping machine or fingers scanning machine.

  • Linkable to every models and manufac-turing of card swiping machine or finger scanning machine.
  • Available to swipe up to 8 times a day.
  • Read the time data (Text File) for card swiping  machines or finger scanning machines.
  • Data transfer from time attendant machine is very simple, Various type of transferring can be selected e.g. transfer with the whole company or section or  part of section or individual worker or  some level of worker and the date of  transferring duration can be identified.     
  • The program is available to arrange the swiping from Access Control machine with out limitation on daily swiping. The program can identify the first swiping and last swiping of the day automatically.
  • Incase do not have the attendance machine or out of service the report to work can be recorded from the conventional time attendance stamping machine or use a facility of program (C Stamp).
  • The program available to serve the company  comprising several branch. the calculation result from attendance swiping machine can be transferred to the central payroll system.
  • Available to select the worker levels, identify regulation range, date period to transfer to payroll system. The concerning data can be processed without repeat entering e.g. overtime payment, deduction of late. Deduction of absentee, calculate the work day for daily rate workers.
  • The reports can be covered all operating functions, the displaying can be presented on monitor and print out by conventional printers or laser printers.
  • The report of workers behavior concerning   the swiping machines can be printed with every duration.
    • Report of the attendance detail data.
    • Report of calculating result of time attendance and detail of absentee,  leave, late, complete with reason. 
    • Summary report of absentee, leave, leave early, overtime work identified by workers / sections presented with graph.
    • Operation monthly report.
    • Detail report of sick leave, ordination  leave, maternity leave, annual leave etc.
    • Summarize the overtime work.
    • Summarize of evidences from no  swiping attendant cards c/w explanation.
    • Summarize of various evidences from attendant swiping.
    • Report of top 20th on hourly basis of, overtime,  late to work, early leave, sick leave etc.

Example of analysis reports present to executive.

  • Statistic of absentee, leave, late to work  for each section for data processing by total of company.
  • The report to consider the company work force.

Highlight of Payroll & Time Attendance System for niche business

The construction contractor business or business with several work sites or applying job cost allocation. 

  • Available to summarize the operating expense allocate by section of the workers to accounting department. Because in fact of working condition, the workers can be  rotated from site to site. So data for salary calculation shall be maintained at  existing site for checking easier.
  • Available to calculate enormous of workers by short time calculation.

Garment and other business that wage payment calculating on work piece basis. 

  • The convenience for data collecting is provided to record the work piece that performing by workers. We realize that almost of user are familiar with Excel Program for recording data, in order to serve this function our program is allow to contribute the data e.g. workers detail data  and ID code, name, section, branch, linking to the Excel program for serving the user to  record the actual work piece quickly.             
  • Available to import data recorded from Excel with simple and easy method and quickly.
  • Available to collect the detail data and classify the work piece that performing by each worker e.g. statistic of each workers to produce the shirt collars, the data will be analyzed to find out the production rate and time spending. 

Hospitals or other business that rotating shift working is applied. 

  • The system is available to organize the shift working schedule, each worker can be assigned to the shift with defining date and month by single recording.
  • The recording format is simple, only one page of displaying able to record all details table for working schedule on each month or any period.
  • The shift changing or shift alternating of workers is available by simple method with no complication.


  • Available to separate the payment of service charge from salary.
  • Available to arrange the 24 hours rotating shift, Shift rotation, shift changing, varying of weekly day off.
  • Available to arrange the working schedule in advance e.g. every 15 day, or every month etc.

General office (Business with fix working schedule)

  • Simple and convenience, the program is provided the standard figures, the standard of revenue department tax rate, interest, penalty rate, social security contribution, sample of various type of shift working schedule including calculating procedure, to submit to bank, revenue department, social security contribution or submit by disk. Summarize the salary payment including recommendation to prepare the bank note (in case cash payment). Summarize the annual report to submit to revenue department, social security office, the interval of date can be identified in printing report.
  • Reduce the working step concerning the connection to working time processing, only specify when create each worker historical files. The payroll system will start activate  same as time data processing.


  • Available to 24 hours working, shift rotation, double shift working, shift changing  of workers. 
  • Providing the procedure to calculate for additional / deduction and shift premium for workers e.g. morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift, shift on holiday as a standard format that selectable.
  • Support the approval of overtime payment in advance for convenient use and corruption preventing.
  • For multi branch the operating linkage as shown in figure. 

RT : Advanced Rights 

Enhance the ability for the companies with the complicate conditions for the leave and diligence by deducting via 
the no. of leave excess automatically. 

  • Define the type of privilege and condition for leaving
  • Define the type of privilege and condition for diligence
  • Calculation result based on conditional
  • Transfer the result to support for salary calculation automatically
  • Summary report of leave balance and diligence

The advance right to leave

The system is provided the calculating process for automatically deduction from absentee records, leave records, late records. The system will deduct when the actual leave is more than the right to leave. The system will reduce the time spent to find out the historical record of absentee, leave, late, for individual worker for calculating the salary payment. The system will serve the company who want to control the right to leave, late, absentee, of all level of workers.

  • Identify the type of right to leave as per positions and service years, the deducting conditions can be defined to the right to leave regulation and deducting automatically.
  • The right to leave regulation can be defined in accordance with Labor Law e.g. maternity leave, military service leave, training leave, sterilization leave, marriage leave, sick leave, personal leave, compassionate leave, accident leave, vocational leave etc. 
  • The frequency and days can be defined in the right to leave regulation to every type of leave and checkable and calculate automatically.
  • The right to sick leave can be defined as times per year, number of days per period, total days per year etc. In case worker take leave more than defining on each level, the penalty can be detailly identified and calculating automatically.
  • The right to maternity leave can be accumulated to all over the employment period e.g. the right is 2 times and 45 days per time etc.
  • In case leave taken more than the right the penalty and deduction can be defined e.g. deduct equal to 1 day, ½ day, or instead of deducting the leave over right can be accumulated and recorded and    this information can be formulated and adding with future case etc.
  • The program will record and automatically deducted when leave over right e.g. maternity leave more than 45 days the program will deduct automatically.
  • In case leave over right the user can be defined the deduction formula themselves. 
  • Each type of leave each worker level can be recorded yearly, including historical data before start applying program, and the data can be utilize for continuous calculation.
  • Accumulation of the right to vacation leave.
  • The remaining of right to leave or leave record of each worker can be displayed. 
  • Complete report of right to leave and analysis report can be utilized as supporting data for appraisal.

Advance Diligent  Allowance 

The system is provided to calculate the incentive to the workers automatically. The program will take data from historical record of absentee, leave, late to work, of each worker. The incentive (Diligent Allowance) will relate to no absentee, no leave, no late or deduct in case (personal leave, sick leave, late, etc.). This system can save time to find out the historical data for each worker. 

  • The type of diligent allowance can be identified without limit and concerning condition can be defined to calculate the allowance automatically.  
  • To define the formula or relate condition concerning absentee, leave, late etc. that relate to complicate diligent allowance.
  • Available to define the diligent allowance relate to position and service years.
  • Available to define the diligent allowance as progressive or fix rate.
  • The incentive for diligent allowance will be dispensed automatically when workers follow define condition.
  • Available to record the history of diligent allowance yearly.
  • Available to record the history of diligent allowance before applying the program and keeping calculation continuously.

AS : Advanced Security Control

To facilitate the convenience for the large organization or large number of operation in the payroll system and would like to limit the access of users at different level, more precisely than the general limitation.

  • Determine User Name & Password
  • Prevent the requirement per-mission
  • Set the access level to the information
  • Set employee Sinification
  • Level of importance report

The system is designed to serve enterprise with great number of users and prefer to classify and secure the users for entering. The system provided more detail of security right than conventional system. (name of user/code that can enter to each menu and right to add delete or edit). The higher security information is protected e.g. salary rate, salary increase file, penalty file etc.

  • Available to classify the worker level up to 30 levels that serve to design  the security levels in accordance with right and responsibility. 
  • Available to classify user level who  have the right to enter the system  and browsing the files in accordant  with position and responsibility e.g. the data provide limit only responsible persons, and only responsible  files can be browsed etc.
  • Available to define responsible person who can browse the salary data, from employee file or classifying the employee.
  • Available to define the right of user  who can enter to any employee data
  • Available to define the persons who have the right to record the workers data under their responsibility.
  • Available to define the persons who have the right to enter any system  e.g. salary system, the personnel management system.
  • Available to define the persons who  have the right to browse the report as their responsibility.
  • The box of salary file can be block or allowed to browse only by responsible persons.
  • Available to define the persons who have the right to prepare the salary disk submitting to the banks identify by worker levels e.g. separate the disk for executive or ordinary workers.

DK : Disk Transfer Disk Transfer via computer PND.1, PND.91, PND.3, Provident Fund

System that facilitates the preparation of PND1, PND91, PND3 and Provident Fund in the form of diskette or media to meet the standard format and support sending information through the internet to the IRS or any financial funding.

  • Disk to send Provident Fund
  • Disk to send Phor Ngor.1
  • Disk to send Phor Ngor.91,Phor Ngor.3

The disk transfer system is designed for computerize data submission e.g. P.N.D.1, P.N.D.91, P.N.D.3, provident fund. The data is prepared with disk or electronic media conforming to standard format and available to present through internet and submitting to Revenue Department, or Bank / financial institute who manage the provident fund.

  • The disk preparing PND.1, PND.91, PND.3 through electronic media or internet to Revenue Department for faster  and convenience and more accurate.
  • The total of provident fund collecting can be summarize and distribute to several fund management as follows.

1.BBL Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

2.Krungsri Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

3.K-Bank Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

4.TMB Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

5.CIMB Principle Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

6.SCB SFF Plus Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

7.UOB Asset Management Co. Ltd.

8.Tisco Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

9.Thanachat Fund Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

10.Finansa Principle Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

11.Thailand Securities Depository Fund   

12.MFC Asset Management PLC.

13.BFIT Financial Company PLC.

14.AIA Provident Funds

  • Complete report for provident fund

Note : Refer to presently, the Revenue's Online system will  only support the delivery of PND.1, PND.91, and PND.3 

Main New Special Feature Program

JC : Job Cost System 

System for assisting HR which Payroll system and salary payment separated by job cost which is useful for administrator and management executive to consider the cost and expense separated to direct and indirect cost each side or agencies. And to evaluate effectiveness of each side or agencies to reduce HR working process.

  • Specify Department/ Job site for employees
  • Separate expense by Department / Job site
  • Report for checking expense by Department / Job site

PF : Provident Fund Extra System 

a supplementary system designed to support provident fund policies Allow employees to accumulate more than 1 provident fund.

  • Set up provident fund no. 1 and 2 which different bank
  • Specify provident fund rate different from the 1st fund
  • Specify sub provident fund code
  • Report for checking balance saving of both provident funds

LN : Loan System

This system is designed to increase the convenience of special loan calculations which the system helping to automatically calculate loan deductions for employees each month. Together with the interest on the loan, either fixed interest rate or interest rate

  • Loan of Uniform / Tuition Fees / Others
  • Calculation for interest rate as fix / deduction rate
  • Set up the annual interest rate / and installment payment per year
  • Program will be stopped deduction when the entire or interest payment completed
  • Report for checking the amount of principle/ interest /paid and outstanding balance

WF : Welfare System 

The system enhances the operation of welfare monitoring, employee are entitled. The system help to calculate of the welfare payment. There will be very easy for HR and employees. It also prevent excess welfare payment to the employees

  • Unlimited welfare rights setting
  • Prevent the existing benefit request 
  • Record of welfare benefit request history for the previous year
  • Report of welfare benefit received / used / outstanding balance

PC : Petty Cash SYSTEM 

System for helping petty cash withdrawals in addition to salaries, wages received such as expressway fees, parking fees, for each customer visit, etc

  • Petty cash withdrawal / Express way / Parking and transportation fees
  • Unlimited specify for any expenses
  • Payment through Business Plus HRM would not be effected to any wage or incomes
  • Can set up petty cash approver separate from HR approver     
  • Can save for request / approve payment / notification by Bplus HRM Connect through smartphone anyplace anytime 

EX : Exchange Rate System

A system that increases convenience for businesses with foreigner employees that would be paid salary in other currencies.

  • Set up the exchange rate according to the regularly exchange rate
  • Specify the exchange rate for each employees
  • Record all information in Thai Baht

ID : ID Card System

Business Plus program for reading ID cards that will be used with Smart Card Reader, a device used to connect to a computer to send personal information from ID cards then Import to employee profile for saves working time.

  • Read information from the ID Card, then input employees profile into the payroll system
  • Compatible with all computer model/ Window 7 or upper

Auto TM  : Auto TM System

To extract employee working time from finger scan into payroll system automatically 


Auxiliary System on Web : ฺBplus e-Premium

e-Leave : Web based for Leave system / Request OT / Shift changing 

e-Recruit : Web based for Recruitment system 

e-Training : Web based for Staff Training system     

e-Welfare : Web based for Employee welfare benefit system

e-Payslip : Web based for Pay slip and Electronic Document system (Email / SMS / Web) The system that dispatching the pay slip, the documents and reports by E-Mail / SMS / Website For reducing the paper consumption.  The program is designed to help the use of paper (payroll slip or other documents) to be sent to employees. The report will be printed as a report format that already registered in the Business Plus Payroll System and send to employee by e-mail with level of security. Because we understand that the base salary of each emplyee’s corporate secret.


Business Support

  • Office Business     
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Both type of business/contracting    
  • Service Business 
  • Hotel & Hospitality Business
  • Garment Business   
  • Hospital Business
  • Department store Business
  • Accounting Business   
  • Banking & Financial Business  
  • Educational Business 
  • Construction Business 
  • Import – Export Business     
  • Real Estate Business 
  • Retail Business 
  • Food & Beverage Business 
  • PC, BA and PG 
  • Electronic manufacturing Business
  • Health & Beauty Business 
  • Spa and Resort 

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