Superlative Payroll System developed to meet the most customer requirement and still continue improvement in order to meet the payrollstep up to change in any various approach


Superlative Salary System ensure 100% accuracy guaranteed.

  • Create organization model as a branch or sub division or department or employees level.
  • Completely for employee information file, photo and also dependent information file etc.
  • Completely 100% accurate for calculation of employee salary, taxes , social Security, provident fund and loan. 
  • Support  various of employee types such as Full Time / Part Time. Monthly or weekly payment or pay for any extra period.
  • Support for employee or others for tax package calculation to be delivered PND3 or calculate Job Cost. 
  • Determine the type of income or deductible of less unlimited and can be set up the formulation or complicate condition used. 
  • Fast and easy to record data at regularly period, Monitor and Report such as income and deductible and information in leave and payroll system.
  • The report contain information that is useful both to government agencies and active in the company as one of PND ,PND1, PND91, 50bis and etc.
  • The Disc can be sent through bank transfer and social security and also export report to other program.
  • Support Data Transfer from Business Plus Program to other program.
  • Import text file or excel into the Payroll system daily.


Enhanced Personnel Management perfectly.

  • Record salary history and promoted positioning and also include rotate between department or branch from payroll system automatically.
  • Record extra or special training including expense that incurred each time. And can simultaneously record each time.  
  • Record special history including special prizes and also the guilty punishment.
  • Flexibility with the opportunity to record information of each employees.
  • Be able to make a copy of employee document in electronic format that can save the document keeping and facilitate for searching.


here can be prepared Disc of PND1, PND91, PND3 and provident fund transformation through the internet to facilitate fast and accuracy.

  • Capable to report the amount of accumulated Provident Fund more than 1 fund.


Read Data from all brands of card reader and finger scan and also manage and control time in /time out automatically in every employee and condition.

  • Support data from all brands of the card reader and finger scan by selected and determined connecting format from EDC more than 1 version.
  • Be able to accommodate employee with work schedule or shift work such as personal office or switch shifts staff. For example in the hospital or manufacturing.  
  • Capable of combine / change / rotate shift easily.
  • Define unlimited shifts such as normal shift / holiday shift / overnight shift / 24 hours shift and also Over Time.
  • Setting formula and condition in relation to the shift calculation automatic and working with the complicate condition.
  • Such as The cost will breakdown by job site or department according to the accounting transaction record in the accounting system.
  • Be able to transfer the result of days, hour and working time of employees to the Business Plus Payroll system or other Payroll system to compute wage and income / deductible. 


Preferred the ability for the company with the complexity condition such as right or leave and unattended diligence.

  • Determine the right of leave system by position and job experience. And to set the conditions for deduction when excess automatically. 
  • Determine the type of diligence unlimited and also discrimination by the job level and work experience.
  • Automatic diligence calculation and can be either fix rate and progressive rate. 
  • Able to select the total amount of leave that still left or workforce.
  • Complete report of Leave / Diligence and also analysis report for the evaluation. 
  • Setting the formula and condition of absence or others affecting the diligence.


Determine priority access of employee information.

  • Determine access right level to the information and preview reports as job positioning and responsibility such as report of staff information only staff responsibility etc. 
  • Set the right to see only the salary, employee information or classify employees.


System for assisting HR which Payroll system and salary payment separated by job cost which is useful for administrator and management executive to consider the cost and expense separated to direct and indirect cost each side or agencies. And to evaluate effectiveness of each side or agencies to reduce HR working process.

  • Determine whether employees can be paid direct or indirect cost that can preview and extract as a report. 
  • Setting the job side for employees so users can analyst cost and expense that occur in each branch, department, and job site.
  • Be able to record expense of income or deductible separated by job site. 
  • Be able to import TM data, shift of work, branch code, department code and also jobsite code from text file to be calculated separately charged to the program automatically.  
  • Calculation result can be transferred to Payroll System. The cost will breakdown by job site into the account system automatically without expense. 
  • There have report that can monitor cost balance that incur separately by branch, department and job site easily. 


There is a supplement designed to support the policy of the Provident fund. Employees can accumulate a fund more than one to facilitate the calculation of cumulative balance or contribution to fund the Division1 and Division2 which can be sub-fund for the employees following to the company policy. 

  • Be able to set up both fund which separated bank.
  • Setting the different rate of each provident fund deduction both.
  • employees and company accumulation.  
  • Prepare provident fund disk by selected which fund division 1 or 2 will be delivered that would be easy and convenience.
  • Setting the code of sub-fund, rate of accumulation and rate of employees contribution of each sub fund. There have report that can be verified the amount deducted the provident fund division 1 and division 2. 


The system is designed to increase the ease of special calculation loan type. The system will calculate the deductible loan in each month automatically both interest portion of loan as fix rate or declining. And also expanding three types of loan more. Loan type include standard payroll system in the grab of loan, loan fees and other benefits. Divided each type clearly is so easy to use and very convenience. The details.

  • Choose how to calculate interest rate fix rate or can be calculated as declining interest for employees.
  • Setting annual interest rate / payment period per year to calculate the interest that have to be paid each month.
  • When fully paid both principle and interest. The program will stop automatically.
  • There have report that can check balance of principle and interest /paid amount / remaining balance.


The system enhances the operation of welfare monitoring , employee are entitled. The system help to calculate of the welfare payment. There will be very easy for HR and employees. It also prevent excess welfare payment to the employees. The details as following;

  • Setting employee’s of welfare right that is given once a year / Baht per year or Baht per times.
  • Setting term and condition of welfare up to 10 categories. 
  • The system can calculate and protect the amount that excess the benefit. If there have an error case that paid to the employees. The system will prevent excessive payment.
  • The system can record and track history of welfare benefits in the previous year. To check the balance being retroactively apples for each year.
  • There have report that can verify the amount of employees receive, benefit used and benefit balance.

PC : Petty Cash SYSTEM 

The Petty Cash system is designed to serve the cash management other than salary and other wage payment e.g. express way fee, parking fee for workers travel to visit customers, the details are as follows. 

  • Available to arrange miscellaneous expense to manage by petty cash system.
  • The expense transaction through Business Plus HRM  system will not affect to official income of workers.
  • Available to assign the authorize persons for petty cash approval different from authority assign in HR system.
  • The system is flexible for requesting the option operation, the payment approval, the notification, by Bplus HRM through smart phone.

EX : Exchange Rate SYSTEM 

The system is served to business unit that have foreign staff and payment in foreign currency.

  • Available to adjust exchange rate refer to official rate.
  • Available to assign any currency to each person.
  • The system will calculate with currency as personnel historical files and convert to Thai baht for recording.

ID : ID Card SYSTEM is the program to read Smart Card Reader.

Business Plus ID Card System linkable to Smart Card Reader that connecting to computers to transfer the data to employee historical file without retyping e.g. ID number, date month year of birth, card issue date, expire date that can avoid typing mistake and time saving.

Auto TM : Auto TM System

System is designed to support Business Plus Time Attendance (TM). The system will transfer data of time attendance from figure scanning machine to Payroll System automatically, data from Text File will be correspond to program standard.

  • In case the computer of customer not subport the Business Plus Auto TM, the other alternative is available as follows.
  • Text file can be read automatically.
  • Available to import time attendant from Text File or Excel file.
  • Available to import the time attendant automatically up to 14 time a day.
  • Available to support two type of finger scanning machine that is the Access Data and MSSql.
  • Available to support two type of data from BUSINESS OLUS HRM 2 that is the data from Firebird and data from MSSql.


Auxiliary System on Web : ฺBplus e-Premium

e-Leave : Web based for Leave system / Request OT / Shift changing 

e-Recruit : Web based for Recruitment system 

e-Training : Web based for Staff Training system     

e-Welfare : Web based for Employee welfare benefit system

e-Payslip : Web based for Pay slip and Electronic Document system (Email / SMS / Web) The system that dispatching the pay slip, the documents and reports by E-Mail / SMS / Website For reducing the paper consumption.  The program is designed to help the use of paper (payroll slip or other documents) to be sent to employees. The report will be printed as a report format that already registered in the Business Plus Payroll System and send to employee by e-mail with level of security. Because we understand that the base salary of each emplyee’s corporate secret.


Business Support

  • Office Business     
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Both type of business/contracting    
  • Service Business 
  • Hotel & Hospitality Business
  • Garment Business   
  • Hospital Business
  • Department store Business
  • Accounting Business   
  • Banking & Financial Business  
  • Educational Business 
  • Construction Business 
  • Import – Export Business     
  • Real Estate Business 
  • Retail Business 
  • Food & Beverage Business 
  • PC, BA and PG 
  • Electronic manufacturing Business
  • Health & Beauty Business 
  • Spa and Resort 

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